King Bearings – Engine Bearing specialist

Does King have coated bearings?

Yes, King has developed it own proprietary polymer coating for applications that need extra anti-friction properties due to low viscosity oils and very tight oil clearances. These coatings are also a requirement for low rpm start/stop engines. Read more about King surface treatments

During 2016, King developed a new coating for race bearings called pMaxKote™. Read more about King Polymer bearings

We are bearing specialists. King Engine Bearings was founded in 1960 with one simple objective: to supply the highest quality bearings available in the marketplace. By specializing in engine bearings, King has built an extensive product offering that includes a wide range of engine bearings for automobiles, light duty and heavy duty trucks, marine, aviation, standby power and many other types of internal combustion engines. Every King bearing utilizes the highest quality materials and the most advanced designs to ensure complete customer satisfaction.