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April 17, 2024

King Engine Bearings is thrilled to announce the “Experience the XPC Advantage” campaign, that offers customers the opportunity to experience the superior quality and advanced technology of XPC bearings while enjoying substantial savings through a mail-in rebate program.

During the two-month duration of the campaign, customers can take advantage of a rebate of $10 for every $100 spent on qualifying pMaxKote™ (XPC) products by King Engine Bearings, up to a remarkable $300 rebate.
King’s pMaxKote (XPC) coated performance bearings series, renowned for their exceptional durability, precision engineering, and innovative features.

XPC bearings offer numerous benefits that set them apart in the industry:

• In-House Polymer Coating: Integrated into the production process, offering affordability without compromising quality.

• Bull’s Eye Tolerance: King’s production process ensures consistent thickness shell-to-shell within each set of bearings, achieving precise oil clearances.

• Exceptional Seizure Resistance: XPC excels in resisting seizure, cavitation, wear, and provides protection against oil starvation during marginal lubrication conditions.

• Proven Track Record: With tens of thousands of engines utilizing XPC bearings, they are trusted by performance and race enthusiasts worldwide.

• Advanced Coating Technology: pMaxKote™ polymer coating applied above the pMaxBlack™ overlay increases fatigue resistance.

• Expanded Range: Available for a wide range of performance engines, including Audi/VW, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, and more.



The campaign will run from April 15th to June 15th, giving customers ample time to take advantage of this exclusive offer. To participate and claim their rebate, customers can visit for more information.

XPC bearings cater to various automotive segments, including drag racing, circle track, time attack, sport compact, diesel performance, powersports, and more, making them a versatile and indispensable choice for performance enthusiasts.

We are bearing specialists. King Engine Bearings was founded in 1960 with one simple objective: to supply the highest quality bearings available in the marketplace. By specializing in engine bearings, King has built an extensive product offering that includes a wide range of engine bearings for automobiles, light duty and heavy duty trucks, marine, aviation, standby power and many other types of internal combustion engines. Every King bearing utilizes the highest quality materials and the most advanced designs to ensure complete customer satisfaction.