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King Bearings Announces New 2016-2017 Race Application Guide

August 17, 2016

King Engine Bearings announces its new and updated race bearing application guide. It offers expanded coverage for many new vehicles, and explains all of King’s most advanced bearing technologies and designs.  This includes information about King’s new metallurgy and materials, special geometric features, and a greatly expanded range of applications for Japanese, American and European engines.


“Our new application guide includes enhanced race specific information to help our high performance customers make an educated bearing purchase,” says Limor Neeman Karpatkin, VP of Sales & Marketing for King Engine Bearings.  “Additionally, King’s line of race bearings is a significant leap forward in design and technology, based on thorough R&D and on-track testing to achieve the most advanced and reliable bearings available today.”


The new guide includes in-depth information about King’s hot selling XP & HP bearings. XP tri-metal bearings are designed for circle track, drag racing, off-shore racing and more.  The HP series is perfect for applications that require a harder top layer, like monster truck and certain drag racing situations.


King’s advanced bearing designs incorporate many unique-to-King features such as pMax Black™ structure for greater load capacity, U-Groove™ for greater load distribution, ElliptiX™ for better oil distribution, EccentriX™ to minimize wear, RadiaLock™ to ensure ideal crush height, and industry leading accuracy with Bull’s Eye Tolerance™. All of these features have been developed by King to provide superior race bearings for any situation and any engine.


The new application guide can be downloaded here: 2016-2017 King Application Guide

The application guide will be  available in print version through your local King authorized race bearing distributors.

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