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King Racing’s new & highly anticipated race bearings for Subaru EZ30/EZ30D Engines

September 6, 2017

We are proud to be first-to-market with race bearings for Subaru EZ30/EZ30D engines. The new Subaru EZ30/EZ30D bearings are designed with all of King’s racing line features, including the pMax Black™ unique tri-metal structure, providing 24% greater load capacity than any other race bearing available.
The EZ30/EZ30D series features greater HP and torque than the previous EJ series engines. EZ30/EZ30D is already popular for its high power, making it a choice platform for forced induction applications.

By incorporating exclusive King Racing features like SmartLug™, Elliptix™ oil ingress and 360 degree oil grooves the King XP series main bearings shut the oil leakage path found in the Original bearings and increase the load capacity..

The result is a better oiling, more reliable engine that can support the much higher loads produced in race winning, championship engines.

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