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New King XPG Engine Bearings Help Improve Performance for Subaru EJ Series Engines

December 12, 2012

Engineered to help solve premature engine bearing failure due to low oil pressure or oilstarvation in these high output engines

Cedar Grove, NJ – King Engine Bearings, a leader in automotive, aviation and high performance engine bearings, will introduce its new Subaru XPG bearings at the 2012 PRI and IMIS shows. King’s new bearings are specifically engineered to solve premature bearing failure caused by low oil pressure or oil starvation that has plagued the high output Subaru EJ series boxer engines (EJ15, EJ16, EJ18, EJ20, EJ22, EJ25).

King conducted extensive research into the unique oiling circumstances of the Subaru EJ series engines,” explained Ron Sledge, King’s performance and technical manager. ‘What resulted is a completely re-engineered main bearing set that eliminates oil leakage and increases oil flow to number two and number three rod bearings.” To improve oil flow, King XPG bearings feature oil slots instead of standard oil holes for better oil distribution in the groove and more consistent oil flow. Fully grooved number three main bearings enable 360° oiling to number two and number three rod bearings.

King XPG bearings feature a unique lug design that eliminates the conventional lug recess so no oil escapes and full oil pressure is maintained. In addition, narrowed bearing lengths help eliminate fillet ride on high-radius cranks. With enhanced tri-metal copper lead construction with nickel barrier and SecureBond adhesion, King XPG bearings have a 20 percent higher load capacity and better resist surface fatigue.

King XPG Bearings are available for Subaru EJ series boxer engine applications, including rod bearings (CR4125XPG – 52mm journal) and main bearings (MB5382XPG – flange in #5 position). These new XPG parts are available in STDX (.001” extra clearance), STD, .026, 0.25 and 0.5.

King Subaru XPG main and rod bearings are produced at the company’s AS9100 aerospace certified production facility and features the company’s new custom designed packaging with specially molded trays that securely hold each shell and prevent contact. Each bearing features ultra precise wall tolerances: All XPG shells are produced to0.0001” Bull’s Eye® wall accuracy and feature King’s 0.0005″ metallurgically enhanced and hardened XP performance overlay.

We are bearing specialists. King Engine Bearings was founded in 1960 with one simple objective: to supply the highest quality bearings available in the marketplace. By specializing in engine bearings, King has built an extensive product offering that includes a wide range of engine bearings for automobiles, light duty and heavy duty trucks, marine, aviation, standby power and many other types of internal combustion engines. Every King bearing utilizes the highest quality materials and the most advanced designs to ensure complete customer satisfaction.